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Understanding Utah's New Road Rage Law: Insights from a Utah Personal Injury Lawyer

July 8, 2024
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Understanding Utah's New Road Rage Law: Insights from a Utah Personal Injury Lawyer

On July 1, 2024, Utah implemented a new law aimed at reducing the increasing incidents of road rage on its highways and streets. As a Utah personal injury lawyer, it is crucial to understand the implications of this law for drivers and how it might impact personal injury claims resulting from road rage incidents.

What is the New Road Rage Law?

The new road rage law in Utah, officially known as the "Road Rage Amendments" bill or House Bill 30, introduces stricter penalties for aggressive driving behaviors. Road rage is now defined as an incident that occurs or escalates on the roadway with the intent to endanger or intimidate another person in a vehicle. Utah Code Ann. § 41-1a-1101(c). This can include things like following too closely, extreme speeds, and cutting people off. See

Key Provisions of the Law

  1. Enhanced Penalties: The law increases fines, with penalties starting at $750 and potentially reaching $1,000. Drivers may also face up to 15 years in jail for severe cases, especially if a dangerous weapon is involved. Repeat offenders will face even harsher penalties. Utah Code Ann. § 76-3-203.17
  2. License Suspension: Convicted road rage offenders will have their driver's licenses revoked, significantly impacting their ability to drive legally. Utah Code Ann. § 76-3-203.17

Impact on Personal Injury Claims

For a Utah personal injury lawyer, this new law has significant implications for handling road rage-related cases. In most instances, insurance only provides coverage for damage caused by negligence. Road rage claims include an element of intentionality that could potentially exclude insurance coverage. It will be interesting to see how the court deals with some of these issues.

Increased Liability for Aggressive Drivers

Under the new law, drivers found guilty of road rage can be held more accountable for their actions. The clear definition of road rage and the strict penalties associated with it could provide a stronger foundation for proving negligence and reckless endangerment of another.

How to Protect Yourself

As a driver in Utah, it's essential to understand how this new law affects you and what steps you can take to protect yourself:

  • Stay Calm: If you encounter an aggressive driver, remain calm and avoid engaging with them. Escalating the situation can lead to more severe consequences.
  • Report Incidents: Report any road rage incidents to the authorities by calling 911. This helps enforce the new law and potentially prevent future incidents.
  • Avoid Eye Contact: Eye contact can be seen as aggressive. Just look straight forward and keep moving.
  • Keep a Safe Distance: Keeping sufficient distance gives you an opportunity to react to sudden maneuvers by an aggressive driver.
  • Seek Legal Assistance: If you are a victim of road rage, consult with a Utah personal injury lawyer. They can guide you through the legal process and help you identify whether there is a case for compensation.


The implementation of Utah's new road rage law marks a significant step towards safer roads and greater accountability for aggressive drivers. As a Utah personal injury lawyer, staying informed about these legal changes and understanding their impact on personal injury claims is crucial. By leveraging the provisions of the new law, lawyers can better serve their clients and contribute to a safer driving environment in Utah.

For more detailed information about the new road rage law, visit the Utah State Legislature's official page and Zero Fatalities.

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