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Listening First

April 15, 2024
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Maybe you’ve been in the situation where you really needed some help and so you’ve reached out to a lawyer. As you try to explain your situation to the lawyer or intake person, they just keep talking at you. Somehow, despite all your effort, the phone call ends, and you don’t feel like you got to explain what’s going on, what you’re looking for, or get your questions answered. But somehow, they’ve maneuvered you into signing a document.

This situation is all too common in the legal field, especially with big law firms. Lawyers and legal staff have so many clients to get to, that the faster they can get you off the phone, the faster they can get back to the endless list of to-dos. While hiring a big-name firm might feel powerful, there will always be lingering suspicion in the back of your mind that no one will really grasp your situation and be able to meaningfully articulate it to the decision maker.

No one wants to add this additional stressor on top of what is already a stressful situation. At True North Injury Law, we handle things a little differently – we live by a set of values. One of those is that we listen first. It is impossible to tell someone’s story if you haven’t taken the time to hear it. Not only does it assure our clients that they’ve been heard, but it also helps them develop a relationship of trust with the person that is ultimately going to be telling this story when it matters most.

There is real confidence in knowing that your lawyer is interested enough to spend the time to understand you and your situation. Listening first helps our clients know that we really are in their corner. But more than that, knowing the whole picture makes a huge difference in what we are able to accomplish for them. The best settlements are the result of being able to paint the whole picture for the decision makers.

If you are looking for a Utah Personal Injury Attorney that will listen first, give us a call. We offer a FREE consultation so that you can get your questions answered. Schedule that today by calling 801-849-3664.

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